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Computer is a human made equipment we all already well known this thing. So there is need of some expertise in the field of computers. If anyone use computer than visit our website choose specified tutorials according to your needs download the high definition video or simply view this. Through this anyone can increase his knowledge & simply share this with others. At our website time to time video is uploaded related to the subjects specially computers i.e. basic computer courses for example :- Introduction to computers, Microsoft Office, Internet etc. Also our courses include Tally an accounting software, web designing courses which include HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), PHP(Perl Hypertext Preprocessor), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), CMS(Content Management System) such as Joomla, Wordpress & Drupal etc. Our course also include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), image editing or we can call DTP courses such as Adobe Photoshop & video editing software’s such as Camtasia Studio, Vegas Pro, Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe After Effects.

Our courses not only included only high definition videos but in the text format or in the PDF format too. Students can downloaded these without any cost. Now try to think for sometime about some issues. As computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1833 but computer introduced to India in 1956. Internet being invented in 1960s but introduced in India in 1995 on Independence Day in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. At current India is in the first three of most internet users. But still we are much far away from our ancient spot in education. Because Indians never be back benchers in the field of education in the past but at current computer literacy rate in India is around 6% while in United States of America it is around 99%. If we compare ourselves with United States of America no comparison being made. But in the field of education specially computers there is much gap between both countries. Computers not being treated as compulsory subject but as an optional subject so its knowledge also become optional to students.Currently we are aiming towards digital India but is this possible to achieve this in papers only or through chats only no its never become possible through practical hard work.So its time to improve yourself we are not guaranteed for basic computer course by words but with our work its your turn to rate ourselves. Also we are not issuing any certificates for any course we just only issuing knowledge related to the subject matter.

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